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Colognes That Actively Help You Become The Man You Know Yourself To Be.

Discover the world’s first Performance Enhancing Colognes® - formulated with the exact molecular combinations needed to trigger your brain into taking action through trained conditioning.

Our accompanying Mission Fragrances App holds you accountable to taking action. At the same time, our Live Training Sessions teach you precisely how and when to use your colognes to achieve peak performance at work, at home, and everywhere in between.


The Science Behind Scent And Achieving Peak Performance

When you see, hear, touch, or taste something, sensory information heads to the thalamus - your brain's relay station.

This information is processed and sent to the areas of your brain responsible for memory and emotional processing (the amygdala and hippocampus).

But with smell, it's different - scent "hacks" your brain's neurological pathways by bypassing the thalamus entirely.

Scent skips the line and heads straight to the amygdala and hippocampus - FAST, triggering an intense neurological reaction.

That means that the instant you smell something, your body reacts physiologically. 

Feel the difference or it’s on us. 30-day Feel Great Guarantee.
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Can Scent Really Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Yes! There are scores of studies that show how specific scents affect memory, concentration, sustained attention and cognitive function - all of which help you achieve your goals:



Will Mission Fragrances Work For You?

You might not realize it, but you’ve already experienced first-hand the instantaneous change in how you think and feel from just a hint of a familiar scent.

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All you need is the right scents and the proper training.

We’ve spent years perfecting the exact combination of scents you need for peak performance. And we don’t just give you the tools - we show you how to use them with our world-class training and support system.

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The Scent Of Peak Performance

We purposefully formulated our three Performance Enhancing Colognes with powerful scents designed to activate your olfactory system, like:

The Mission Fragrance

Join us today and you’ll receive your three Performance Enhancing Colognes® and you’ll get instant access to our accompanying Mission Fragrance App, where your tuition begins.

And with our live training and revolutionary STAR System, we’ll support you every step of the way on your journey to peak performance.

Feel the difference or it’s on us. 30-day Feel Great Guarantee.
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About The Creator Of
The Mission Fragrance Set

Antonio Centeno is a former US Marine Officer with a BA in Evolutionary Biology & Philosophy (Cornell College) & MBA (UT Austin) and the founder of Real Men Real Style.

Over the last decade, he’s helped over 300 million men discover the Science of Style through his articles and videos on Youtube.

A few years ago, Antonio became addicted to collecting colognes because he loved how they made him feel more energized, focused, and attractive.

Unfortunately, he realized that most men are not leveraging the INVISIBLE power of scent.

They fail to realize how powerful our sense of smell is and how we can harness this power not only to affect others (appearing more competent, attractive, and powerful) but also how we see ourselves and act.

And so Mission Fragrances was born - to help you discover the power of scent triggers and leverage them to influence your daily habits and rituals. To help you become the man you know yourself to be.

Feel the difference or it’s on us. 30-day Feel Great Guarantee.